Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Goes Trolling For Customers

I'm writing after getting two emails from therapists, in different parts of the country, who got unsolicited emails from a company called

Basically, the problem with their pitch is this: no one can guarantee where you will land on Google's organic listings, at least not without an unlimited budget (and then, it might require some serious black-hat trickery).

When you do SEO, you influence the search engines. But that's it, you can influence them, you cannot control them. Google *hates* to be played, and if it thinks you are playing them (rigging the game) or trying to, it *will* punish you on the search engine rankings.

I have written to these guys to try to find out what the cost model is - I figure they have a high monthly fee involved. Will write more as I find out.

Best, Peter