Sunday, October 16, 2011

"The Blog Life-Cycle"

I LOVE this article, found it yesterday. It echoes my belief that most people launch into blogging and will  stop (pretty quickly).

Their stats are that 95% of blogs are abandoned within 120 days. 60-80% in the first month.

Well I can bore you to death or you can read it here.

If you're wondering whether to bother clicking, the very funny Blog Lifecycle is worth it!

Best, Peter
Your Web-Blog-Marketing-Twitter-Google Guy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The First "Death Watch" Article I've Seen for Google+

Hi everyone,

I've been pretty busy in both the counseling and SEO/Adwords sphere lately. Not a lot of time for fun and games. So, I've got to say I am one of the many who apparently spent a week on Google+, and then never went back. I've certainly been on Facebook, but have heard nary a peep from old +, or people inviting me/dogging me to get active on it.

I hadn't thought about it much (I've been basically waiting to see when they offered some kind of Business Page - I'll be the first to hop on and list mine when they do!) until today. One of the industry newsletters I follow had the following article: Google+ Goes Critical - But Not in a Good Way.

It's the first "death watch" article I've seen. I've always been pretty pessimistic that Google+ could break the hold Facebook had on us, or that there was enough attention to support both. Appears I was right.

Money quote:
Millions signed onto Google's service as soon as it went public. Critical mass seemed well on its way. If the trends held up, this could change everything. 
And then it died.
How about you? Have you stayed active on Google+? Or tried it and forgot it? I'd love to know. Comment, tweet me or email.

Take care, Peter
Your Good Ole Google Guy