Monday, June 1, 2009

First Thoughts on Bing

If you've been busy doing other things, you might have missed the launch of, Microsoft's latest attempt at taking on Google.

A few first impressions and thoughts:

- while it has some improvements over Google, I don't yet see anything groundbreaking.

- it's going to take something big to overcome Google's mindshare in the community of web users. To "Google" someone is a verb now, like to "Xerox" something used to be.

- in my search of Seattle counselors, I got ads for a California therapist, as well as an Indiana one and an Atlanta one. Might be an end-used mistake, but seems like a lot.

- if you want some impressions, might be a good place to advertise on in the short term as people try it out. I'll withhold bothering with it until I see more.

- I haven't yet gone out on the SEO blogs and seen how people are tuning for this particular search engine, but I bet there is already some speculation and results.

OK, back to work! Best, Peter