Sunday, March 18, 2012

Google+ is like your Great Aunt Ethel

I've got analogy for how I see Google+ these days. It's something most of you will remember from childhood.

In it, you're the kid. Google is your Mom. Google+ is your Great Aunt Ethel.

You're a kid. You want to play with your good friends, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

But your Mom (Google), says you'd better come and visit your Great Aunt Ethel (Google+). Come, she says, you'll have a good time, and she'll buy you a toy and some ice cream. And who knows what trouble you'll get in if you don't come? Mom is *very* attached to you coming on these visits.

And that's pretty much how it is these days. Google is rewarding sites more and more for Google+ activity, and the bribery will continue. But just like kids not really excited about visiting Great Aunt Ethel, I haven't run into anyone lately who is excited about Google+. People come because they feel obligated.

And that is no way to run a "social network".

Sorry, Google. Drop the bribery. Make a reason we actually WANT to visit. Buy Pinterest. Buy & integrate Twitter. In this kid analogy, buy a bouncy castle, or a Playstation 3, or a pool table. Give us something to do instead of just having Great Aunt Ethel pinch our cheeks and tell us how big we've gotten.

Peter Hannah
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