Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Happens When Google Calls Every Therapist in Town.

OK folks, if you've been following my blog or tweets, you've heard me go off on Adwords "helpful" staff. They've been calling more and more people to "help" them with their Adwords account.

A few things to remember:
1) their agenda is more on Google's side than yours
2) many of them have little real-life experience (they have never done this on THEIR own dime, like I have)
3) they don't know boo about therapy or counseling

Today's rant is courtesy of a call I had yesterday with a wonderful colleague in Portland, OR. I did a quick search of "Portland child therapist", and the top three ads were IDENTICAL! And basically, they were mostly made up of saying "Call us today at (xxx) 555-1212!". Take a peek at today's search. Two of the top three, plus two on the right (only one of which you can see):

Now, I have more than a few criticisms of this approach.

First, what you've just created a page of identical ads! What is there to differentiate anyone?

Secondly, I believe that most people will NOT call for therapy from a 2-line Adwords ad. If it was midnight and I needed a plumber, sure. If I locked the keys in my car, sure I'll call a locksmith right off. But seriously folks, can you imagine bypassing all the information there is on the websites for THERAPY AND COUNSELING?

Finally, the exclamation point drives me nuts. Call Today!!! Because when your child needs a therapist, it's exciting! Drink Pepsi! Buy a Ford! Call for Therapy!

Just dumb.

If you want someone who takes an approach that appreciates marketing therapy, and who will work hard to create something that reflects YOU, call me. If you want crappy ads from "Advertising for Dummies" let Google do it for you.

Best, Peter
Custom Google Adwords, For Therapists, By a Therapist

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mastercoach said...

well said. people relly don't realise the importance of havind a good ad text. that they need to say more than call today!, buy now!