Friday, November 14, 2014

You're Invited to a Webinar - Coming Tuesday 11/18 - Here's More

Hey everyone,

I've been emailing and Tweeting and such about this, so you may have heard - I am making a guest appearance on a free webinar coming this Tuesday, November 18th @ 9am Pacific Time.

It's entitled "What You Need to Know To Market Your Private Practice in 2015" and will be hosted by my good friend Becky DeGrossa of

I spoke with Becky earlier today to get ready to give you guys a good call, and some of the things we'll be discussing will include:
  • How website content is impacting your Google ranking
  • How social media is impacting your Google ranking
  • How mobile is a reality you cannot avoid anymore
  • Changes to Google Adwords
And I am sure a whole bunch of other stuff, with a Q & A afterwards. Becky really knows her stuff and it is a pleasure working with her.

Have a great weekend! Peter


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