Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Babies Mess With To-Do Lists

So, you may have heard, but yours truly was blessed by an adoption going through - we got a 3 week-old baby boy, who came home to us just this Monday night. Those of you who have kids probably can understand the chaos, wonderfulness, sleepiness, and re-prioritization that is going on at Google Central.

This will, though, likely delay some of the site reviews. Just wanted you to know. I'll not make you sit through baby photos, videos, or anecdotes. Though I get it a lot more now.

Now back to several day-old emails.

Best, Peter


Allison Rimland said...

Congrats, Peter! Working with new parents, I can assure you that no other excuse is necessary as far as to-do lists. Anyone who shares this experience knows how wonderful, challenging, and all-consuming it can be. Enjoy your family's amazing new addition.

Lisa A. Riley said...

What a wonderful New Year's gift. Congratulations Peter! I can completely relate to the chaos of adjusting to parenthood especially with a new born. Trust me it is all worth the sleepless nights. Quite life changing. Best wishes for your new family.