Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Becoming An Email, Email World

Found a very interesting NY Times article this weekend that indicates we are becoming less and less of a phone call culture, as email and text and Facebook supplant that form of communication.

This can important for therapists to know, as I've found many, especially older ones, are still in the telephone paradigm, and miss potential new clients because they don't check email often.

I'm working on a new White Paper on the different way we need to approach web-based potential clients, but becoming fluent in email, and checking it regularly, are definitely a must if you are going to be marketing your practice on the web.

OK, here's the article (linked via Seattle Times to avoid the new NYT paywall):
Don't call me, I won't call you

Happy, well, emailing! Peter


Peggy said...

It feels incredibly antiquated to me that the only way I can communicate with my father's assisted living is by phone or in person - they don't give out e-mail addresses for the social worker, speech therapist, doctor, nursing station etc. At times it's very inconvenient to have to call and go through one main switchboard.

Arthur Cane said...
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