Monday, October 6, 2008

LeapFish - what to do?

So I have been contacted by a sales rep from LeapFish, a new
aggregate search engine. Of course, he's selling something. At least one of my Google Guy clients has been contacted too, and was asking for advice, so I've decided to post my thoughts here.

Their basic sales pitch is that you buy a permanent advertising slot on their results page - for a certain phrase (such as "Seattle counselors" - which is different to them from "Seattle counselor" by the way). You pay a 5% fee (5% of the original sales price) each year. You then "own" this advertising slot for....well, forever.

It's an interesting idea. It's like buying a Google Adwords slot....except LeapFish is no Google. They are a new and unknown search engine, and are basically re-vamping a concept that was tried by DogPile and People get quite used to their habits, and so I don't foresee LeapFish changing people's searching habits.

In short - I wouldn't do it.

Best, Peter
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no said...

looks like they launched this month

no said...

when they launched

here is another where some people are talking about it.

link 2

Watchful said...

Before doing business with Behnam "Ben" Behrouzi's companies, it would be wise to google "leapfish scam" and "eperks scam". Also, under Leapfish's contractual terms, any legal challenge must be filed in San Francisco. Kinda hard to preserve your rights when you have to do battle on their turf, huh?

behsci said...

What does it cost? They disconnected when I pressed them. I see my competitors there.

Peggy said...

Our company was also contacted. Our monthly bills for Google Adwords ran higher than the cost of purchasing a keyword position on Because of this, we decided to go for it. The cost depends on your keywords. Our website,, retails baby footwear, so we purchased the second position for “baby shoes”. We could not be more pleasantly surprised, as the traffic is great and the bonus is, we are not paying for every click. I do not see a downside as of this date. I have actually made, my homepage, because it puts everything in one place, realtime news and social networking. When I do a search, the results give me 3 search engine results, video results, twitter results, blog results and image results, all on one page.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Peggy, so far we've been very impressed with our results.

Tara Photo Card Queen said...

How much traffic are you getting from LeapFish if you have signed up with them for purchasing their keywords?

Let me know, I'd be interested in finding out how much more traffic you started receiving.



Katie Jones said...

I purchased 2 ads on Leapfish and haven't been to impressed with the return of my investment. I spent over $1,000 and when I track the hits I receive it is less than 50 is a 6 month time frame. I am hopeful Leapfish will catch on and increase traffic to my site, but so far I'm not overly thrilled.