Friday, October 10, 2008

A Small Post on Web Page Width

Folks, for what seems like ever, we web designers have made our pages just over 700 pixels wide. Why? Because the vast majority of people had small screens with the resolution set to 800*600 (that's 800 pixels wide, and 600 pixels tall). Take away scroll bars, and browser window panes, and most people shot for 712 or so.

Not anymore. I'm working on a new site (code name: Peter's New Site), and doing the first bits of design, and am now free to go wider! The vast majority (over 90%) of US visitors now have their screens set to 1024*768 or 1280*1024. My statistics package agrees with other posts I have found around the web that says only around 7% of people are using 800*600 now.

A little geeky of a post, I know :-), but just more info for you.

Best, Peter


bdegrossa said...

Hey Peter!

Thanks... the more good info for folks, the better!


Ker Cleary said...

Peter - what about folks viewing on handhelds/PDAs? Don't they prefer a smaller width?

Peter Hannah MA LMHC
Your Google Guy

Hey Ker!

I don't design for PDAs at this point - the #'s are just too small, and our web $ too little to spend time aiming at them.

:-) Peter

Steve McCready, MFT said...

I'm currently using a variable width template, but if I was using fixed-width I'd be looking at 1000 pixels wide, I think.

I've given serious thought to doing an iPhone-formatted site just for fun, but that's only because I'm an ex-tech geek, not because I think it has any real marketing value.

Lisa A. Riley said...

Hey, Peter good point. I ended up having to redesign my website so that it accommodated the wider format. When I worked with the old standard 800x600 it seemed so small. I think these days most people can view wider screens. Thanks for pointing that out :-)