Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If You Thought Horizontal Scrolling Was a Keen Idea

Just another tidbit from the killer Adwords class (of which I get no toaster, I just was really jazzed to have a class that was filled with value and given by a smart and experienced individual).

One piece of research he gave us was called "Where Users Click" - a study of the surfing habits of individuals. It turns out that if your link is right of the visible area on the screen (meaning you need to horizontally scroll to see it), all the clicks there total only 0.4% of clicks!

And if you want to see the value of having your most important links visible without vertical scrolling (which is called "Above The Fold" after the newspaper term) - 76.5% of all clicks happen here.

Best, Peter
Your ever-lovin' Google Guy


Kim said...

Is this why you've chosen to still have your sites and blogs with the extra space on each side, Peter? Does this relate to that?



Peter Hannah MA LMHC
Your Google Guy

Kim, if you mean that the site doesn't fill the width of the screen, that is part of it.

It's also a couple other things:

1) I am an old-school designer, so I am used to designing for 800*600 screens!

2) I am a control-freak from a design perspective, so I like to control how the site will look. If I let it stretch freely to the width of a screen, I lose that control.

Thanks for commenting! Peter