Saturday, November 29, 2008

CORRECTION - Updated Info on

Hi folks,

My posts on Google's statistics on the therapy sites garnered the attention of's Noah Rubinstein. Noah is the man behind GoodTherapy, and I've watched him really take on search engine optimization for his site with a lot of energy and zeal. Whereas PsychologyToday is more of a corporate entity, GT has an actual wizard running the show :-)

I'll let Noah tell you the stats on his site, which turn out to be higher than I previously reported  (this also reminds us all to take Google's stats with a grain of salt).

It's Noah Rubinstein, from want to let you know that your information is either very very outdated or incorrect. For example, for October we had well over 40,000 unique and over 200,000 page views.

Noah, I'm happy to report what you're telling me. Let the record be noted as more straightened now. :-)

Happy surfing, Peter

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