Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Thoughts on TherapyTribe

So I bet some of you have also gotten an email for It's a new Therapist Directory, costing $20/month or $199/year. It touts itself as being different as traffic is driven by its large social networks.

Those social networks are ones such as
and, as well as a few others.

I feel like a big wet blanket sometimes, because I find lots of web marketing to be full of holes. And, I am raining on this parade as well.

In going through some of the other Tribe websites, I find social networks built around the symptoms and conditions listed. The people who are there seem to be invested in their symptomology - and they seem to be pretty chronic. This is not my ideal client. I'm also not certain that this population is really going to be seeking new therapists - they have likely been down that road a few times before.

Thus, I am going to give my thumbs down. If this population seems like your ideal client, it may be for you.

Best, Peter


KHans said...

I like the concept. Gets a ton of traffic and doesn't have a ton of therapists - seems like a good combo.

It's a bit strange to categorize 150,000 visitors per month don't you think?

therapy said...

not only is it strange, it's false. see here: also, Google gives this website a PageRank ranking of PR0, that's the lowest ranking one can get in Google. Looks like is a scam

KHans said...

i'm not affiliated with the, but thought i'd reply to the comment by therapy. They list 150,000 visitors per month as traffic to their 5 support communities. The directory is a new website for WebTribes. Before you call something a scam, you should probably do your homework...

Barbara Carol said...

I have been listed with Therapy Tribe for 3 years now and it has been very successful for me. I have tried all the others, Psychology Today, Goodtherapy, Theravive, etc. and none of these have come close to giving me as many referrals. And the kicker is Therapy Tribe is cheaper than the others. Hopefully they don't raise their rates!

Dr Wendy said...

I was just charged on my credit card $199. and I have never spoken to anyone re: joining the "Tribe". How did they get the idea they could just take my name and post it (Many things wrong). The spooky part is that there are things they posted about me and my practice (directions) one could only know about me if they had called as a potential patient and spoke to me as if they were coming as a patient. Very uncomfortable. Like--Trader Joes is across from the entrance to my office. I have never put that on my website nor have I ever released that information without telling it to a perspective patient on the phone! I feel scammed.

Dr Wendy said...

I want to apologize to therapy tribes. They did nothing wrong. I signed up for their services 1. Year ago and must have forgotten about it. Please forgive me Therapy Tribes as I meant no harm and the company is legit and I wish them well. I only wish I knew how to delete my previous Dr. Wendy post.

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