Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Website Review #2 (by Request)

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I present the website of Samuel Rainey, MA.

(click on the image to visit his site)

I think I'll go in reverse order of how I did the last review - starting with overall impressions and what I like and then "what I'd change".

OVERALL, a pleasant, relaxing site to look at. This is partly due to the clean and sparse design (note how crisp every element is, how nicely laid out and spaced it all is). I love the matching of the shirt color to the overall color! The photo is direct and yet relaxed. It's not busy, and is pretty clear to see how to navigate around it.

HOW I'D IMPROVE IT: If this were my site I would....
  • Eliminate the horizontal scrolling on the home page
  • Not use italics for the word "Therapist" on the home page
  • Mention my city/area somewhere on the home page
  • Have my phone number & email address more visible and persistent
  • Fix weird font-style shift in first paragraph of "About Me" page
  • Beef up content about the therapy services offered.
  • Consider whether all clip-art makes sense for my geographic area (I am looking at the FAQ page). I have a pet peeve about clip art that seems from a different geography (like an ocean beach on a site in Nebraska).

That's it! Good job Samuel!

Best, Peter
Your Google Guy - Always Ready With An Opinion :-)

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