Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Always Check For Cross-Browser Compatibility

Hi folks,

A tired, but always learning (or in this case, remembering) Google Guy, here with your handy note of the day.

When re-designing your website (as I am currently doing with YourGoogleGuy - new one scheduled to drop on 4/1 - no kidding), always check it on multiple browsers before you go live.

In order, the big browsers you need to check are Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MSN IE, or just IE), Mozilla Firefox, and finally Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome (the last two have much smaller pieces of the market).

I was lazily checking my work on Firefox and it all looked fine. Went over to Chrome tonight and half the menu disappeared. Zoinks! Things like that happen. You'll want to check on layout, fonts (especially if you designed it on a Mac - gorgeous fonts installed on Macs will often look like poop when seen on PCs), and the execution of Javascript and such.

OK, back to the web saltmine. I know you are dying for Twitter Part 2, but this was on my mind.

Best, Peter

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