Monday, March 30, 2009

Splash Page = Bad News

Hi folks,

Just a quick note. I did an initial consult today with an academic admissions counselor for possible Adwords work. His site is pretty, but there was a rub - he has a splash page.

A splash page is a home page or landing page that has no real content on it - it's just a good-looking image (be that Flash, or a static image). It's the more modern version of the old sites that said "Click Here to Enter" (ugh I hated those!).

The problem with splash pages is two-fold: 1) no/low information, and 2) any information is not machine-readable.

I explained to the site owner that if we pointed Google Adwords to his home page, it would quickly judge it not be relevant, and would punish him greatly (via a "Poor" Quality Score).

This same advice goes to those of you doing DIY SEO.

OK, that's it for today! Best, Peter

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